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Old Press Release for Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

imageFramed 3

Debora Hirsch & Iaia Filiberti

Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 10th, 2012, 2-9 pm

March 10th – April 4th, 2012


The beginnings of cinema featured stunning starlets whose divine femininity was forever eternalized by the same screen shots which allowed for understanding of quintessential womanhood to infiltrate the lives of international audiences. Still and forever frozen in time, images of the ideal female have prevailed then and now, establishing notions of gender throughout history. Women were expected to be forever beautiful and young. However, with the desire to present this stereotype came the disenfranchisement of women actresses who did not fit the mold.

The video Framed 3, part of the series Framed, by artists Debora Hirsch and Iaia Filiberti, forces the audience to challenge the timeless understanding of the picture perfect female archetype through clips of old Hollywood films followed by a dark screen and white text unmasking the idyllic façade created by Hollywood. The poignant performances of these women are interrupted by austere black and white textual information, destroying the vision instilled in the viewer a few moments before.

 The juxtaposition of eternal beauty with the stark realization that the lives of these starlets were often plagued with depression, suicide, drug use, and mental illness compels audiences to question prototypical images of culture throughout time. Framed 3 unveils the hidden, gritty, vulnerable and impermanent realities experienced by these actresses. The women presented in the video lived through confrontations brought about by extraordinary success, racism, and unwomanly behavior such as violence, drug use, and sexual assertiveness. The video includes the acting performances of Loretta Young, Sandra Dee, and Dorothy Dandridge.

 Ligia Maria Herrera

Thoughts while traveling through the Midwest…

The US is a cornfield

Each kernal ready to pop

Each kernal bred and genetically engineered

To produce the desired outcome



All there is is corn

Stalks rising up towards the sun

Their tops burnt and dry

Matching leaves and pitted seedlings

Growing commerce

Increasing same

Only white and yellow surviving

What about the corn that is black?

What about the corn that is brown?

Everyone knows the tastiest corn has multi- colored kernals.

Video by: https://www.facebook.com/Peter.Ruprecht.Studios

Narrated by: Alan Watts

  • Our trip to Sylvan Lake, CO.

  • Colorado

    Colored land with dirt the shade of my heart

    Walking on clay and trails made for exploration

    Hoping to leave this place uncharted

    Where will the forest take me?

    Up and down the rugged mountain

    To reach a lake reflecting the world

    An ancient destination

    A present sign of the primitive

    Regressing into progress

  • Utah: The Strange and Beautiful

  • Paranoid in Paragonah

    The land of the brave and free
    Tied to a chain
    A chain of demand

    Choices made by neighbors
    thought they were my own

    Rules made by joseph smith
    To conquer alien lands

    When the only aliens are our thoughts
    And what we think they are

    Driving north up I15
    Taking the free way out

  • Driving through Arizona and Nevada this past Summer

  • Arizona





    Home to nothing but the snakes


    And crows

    Moved from a lush creek

    To the ends of the earth

    Miles and miles of future solitude

    A bag of braids

    The shedding of pride

    Towards casinos and tax free vice outlets

    At night, the desert remains 

    The moon isolated

    Larger than the western god

    For only the wise to feel